Alex Thullen Ceramics
Formal Investigations
Even a great thing can’t last forever. While the majority of the new directions that find their way into my work are usually process and surface-driven, finish alone is not enough. My forms tend towards simple, clean contours with sharp delineation and angles loosely inspired by architectural forms and existing domestic objects. Most importantly of all, however, the form and the surface embellishment must compliment, or even highlight, while not competing with the glaze being placed on it. These simple forms, while attractive to me, can get monotonous very quickly unless new life is periodically injected into the mix. I make it a point to sit down once or twice a year and come up with a few variations or additions to my current vocabulary of forms. Whether or not an idea will translate well into three-dimensions, or end up becoming a permanent addition is anyone’s guess. However, even the process of experimentation is enough to inject some enthusiasm and new energy into the everyday process of making.
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