Alex Thullen Ceramics
Studio Ergonomics, Feng Shui and the Spine
When I built my new studio, I knew that there were going to have to be some considerations made that I hadn't had the luxury to focus on before, being in school, or other temporary spaces where I didn't have to freedom to build to my Heart's content. Ergonomics was going to be a huge factor, not only for ease of work flow, but also because I have some not unsubstantial back issues that I've struggled with most of my life. Because of this, I built the space modularly, so that it could be easily dis-assembled if I ever needed to re-locate. Height was also a major consideration, so that frequently utilized spaces were at more lifting-appropriate levels. Most important of all, however, is the actual flow of the space. From left to right, clay storage, wedging, throwing, and drying are arranged in a continuous line, avoiding a lot on un-necessray back and forth and crossing of paths. It was also going to be important that the studio be a space that I wanted to be in, my attachment to the making of the work aside. Ultimately, I believe that I make my best work when I am happy in my surroundings.
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