Alex Thullen Ceramics
Visits from the Locals
Although Nori's not allowed in the studio anymore (due to her not inconsiderably destructive nature) I really believe interruptions are a good thing from time to time. When I moved my studio into my house from it's old location on the other side of town, I was really excited by the idea of the convenience of being able to walk downstairs and get to work whenever I wanted. On the other hand, I was equally concerned about the idea of there being so many distractions constantly within arm's reach. Sometimes it's the Feline. Sometimes it's my Partner, with whom I share this space. And sometimes it's a momentary lapse in my Work Ethic, or just plain exhaustion. But I feel an occasional distraction is s good thing. It keeps me from getting too absorbed in what I'm doing. Sometimes, I just need to take a step back from it and look a things with fresh eyes to avoid becoming too tunnel-visioned.
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